Welcome 2020-2021

Hello Pack 335!

We would like to welcome you back from the Summer, back to the school year, and back to Scouting!

As the summer has been winding down, our Cub Scout leader team has been meeting with each other and the NNJ Council to come up with plans for how to continue scouting activities in a safe and responsible manner.  I think we have some really good ideas for how to kick off the year for our Scouts.

First is safety.  To help make sure we are all safe, all scouting events for the Fall will be held outdoors, in a socially distant manner.  We will also incorporate health screening, mask wearing and hand hygiene at all events.  

Our first two events will allow you to get a broader taste of scouting through the national BSA, and also join back with our Pack.  On Saturday, September 12th is the National Family Fun Fest, an online event through BSA.  Click HERE for details  On Sunday, September 13th, we will hold a local Orienteering event with our pack, where the scouts will learn about map usage.  We are also planning to hold a Water Bottle Rocket launch, a Tent and First Aid Workshop, and a Halloween themed event over the course of the Fall.  Please see our calendar for details on the schedule.  In addition to the Pack meetings, the dens will also be meeting to conduct adventures for their badge ranks.

After the weather turns cold, we are working on a mixture of virtual events, home project events such as Pinewood Derby and Popsicle Stick Bridge building, and some outdoor but cold weather friendly activities too.  Please know that Pack 335 plans to be active as long as it is safe and allowable to do so.  We plan to hold activities in the Spring, and will make plans as we know what the broader situation is like.

We know there may be a lot of concern about the uncertainty we are facing.  We would like you to know that Pack 335 and Cub Scouts plans to be here.  We hope you will join us. 

Yours in Scouting

Eric Wescott, Cubmaster
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