Pack Dues


What is covered?

Dues are necessary so there is enough money to cover the expected costs of providing a quality program. Specifically, the dues cover the following:
  • Registration and Insurance (through the Boy Scouts of America)
  • All your kits for the year (pinewood derby and popsicle stick bridge)
  • Attendance to all the Pack events (Camping Expo, Hallowfest, Camping Trips, Hikes, Scout Olympics, etc), including materials and snacks when applicable
  • All the pins and badges your scout earns throughout the year
  • Character and Life Skills to serve you and your child for decades to come
Some special programs and outings may have additional costs. We will notify you for those specific events. Dues are subject to change each scouting year. Currently our pack dues are $100 per Scout per year. All newly registered Scouts will receive a Pack 335 t-shirt to be worn at special Pack events.  If you are a returning Scout and would like to purchase more t-shirts, please click the link below. Click Here to Order T-Shirts

When do I pay?

  • For returning Scouts, dues must be paid and registration must be completed by November 1st.
  • For new Scouts, registration can be completed at any time. However, dues must be paid within 30 days of registration date.
  • For insurance purposes, only registered scouts and their families will be permitted at scouting events after November 15th.

What if I cannot afford the dues?

No scout will ever be turned away for financial reasons. If a family finds the dues difficult to pay, please contact any leader.

What about popcorn sales?

In addition to the pack dues, we participate in a popcorn sales event each year. The revenue generated by this event is used to fund the Boyscouts of America, Northern New Jersey Council as well as provide additional revenue for the pack. The additional revenue is used to fund special outings for the boys. We feel that rather than using the popcorn money to reduce pack dues, the boys should be rewarded with special events for their hard work. The pack council regularly meets to discuss suggested outings. If you have a suggestion, please contact your den leader. The popcorn sales program is managed by TrailsEnd, which is only affiliated with the Boyscouts of America. For information on the program, as well as the rewards, please visit this page: TrailsEnd Benefits

How do I pay?

There are two ways to pay pack dues.
  • Pay by Check. Make the check payable to Pack 335. Please write the scout name(s) in the notes section of the check. Then, either give it to your den leader or mail it to: 640 Montview Place River Vale, NJ 07675
  • Pay using PayPal by using the links below. The dues payment is per Scout. Add multiple payments to your cart for multiple children.
Dues without Boy's Life Magazine $100
Child's Name
Dues with Boy's Life Magazine $112
Child's Name
  • "Add to Cart" will take you to PayPal, where the cart is managed.
  • Your Boys Life subscription(s) will be shipped to the address you registered with. If you want them to be shipped to another address please contact us at

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